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Bath Natural Burial Meadow

    Bath Natural Burial Meadow is set within the scenic Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at Midford, on the south-east edge of the city. Somewhere to honour life in the glorious countryside that you love. It's also a place to escape the hurly-burly of modern life - watching cloud patterns change, tall grasses wave and hearing the leaves rustle in a fresh breeze. With birds singing, insects and wildlife busy all around and ever-changing smells and scents, it's the perfect place to refresh your senses and connect with nature.
    Natural burial is the most ecological funeral option. Only natural, biodegradable materials are buried and the land is managed in an environmentally sustainable way. By choosing to be at one of our natural burial grounds, you will be protecting part of the countryside and leaving the lightest of footprints. It is a thoughtful legacy for future generations.
    The landscape tells a story - the history of a place. We try to make as little impact on the landscape as possible. By treading with the lightest of footprints and managing with a soft touch, we keep things simple, natural and beautiful. The way you see the burial ground now is how it should stay.
    The meadow offers time, freedom and space to do things your way. Whether arriving on horseback, bringing the dogs, erecting a marquee or keeping things very simple, you have the scope and freedom to do as you wish.