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Dancing with Death
Mother & Daughter
A Journey to the End

£ 10 plus booking fee
  • Jane Flood
  • Dancing with Death
  • Jane Flood will take you on a journey with traditional stories from around the world that grapple with the greatest mystery of them all. Jane has been telling traditional stories and running workshops since 1994 . Her work has taken her to East Africa with UNICEF, Nepal, and Tibet with the Himalayan Broadcasting Company and Peru and Ecuador with The British Council.
  • Cristine Sweetman-Willis 
  • Mother & Daughter
  • An all revealing exposé of Christines's Irish family life. Born the youngest of nine living children and two still births, Christine plots the history of her deep relationship with her mother and consequently with her mother’s all consuming grief and losses through the death of Christine's sister when she was two, the deep consequences of that on her mother, her father and the whole family. 
  • Friday 11th October 7.30pm     The Bennett Centre, Frome

The Wonders of The Wake

£ 15 plus booking fee
  • The Wonders of the Wake: Stage event and musical by Kevin Toolis. The Wonders of the Wake is a unique celebration of one of the oldest rites of humanity, the Irish Wake: in song, music, bardic poetry and story-telling. 
  • Saturday 12th October 7.30pm Christ Church, Frome

Outside The Box

£ 12 plus booking fee
  • Funny, wise and taboo busting; Outside The Box confronts the ‘Elephant in the room’ with grace and humour, asking its audience to embrace mortality and look on the bright side of life, with a weave of untold and surprising stories, a hint of history and some pithy commentary on the funeral industry (from one who knows!).
  • Sunday 13th October 7.30pm   The Bennet Centre, Frome