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There will be an art exhibition throughout the day devised by Antonia Rolls, and counsellors and bereavement charities on hand for any support and advice. You are invited to bring something to the memorial shrine with photos, flowers or candles, spend some time in contemplation, and there will be a ritual to close. There will also be speakers and musical events as follows

10.00am Opening with 'Companion Voices' - Companion Voices are groups of people located in the UK, who meet to learn songs and prepare together for singing at the bedsides of people who are dying

11.00am WeHearYou - A Frome charity providing emotional support to patients, families, friends and carers who have been affected by cancer or any other life threatening condition.

12.00pm Music from Samuel Stephenson 'Paleoacoustic' with a talk from his Mum Patsy. Thought from someone bereaved by suicide

1.00pm Poetry read by Rosie Jackson of the Frome Poetry Group and Liv Torc
Loss, Beauty and Spirit.

2.00pm 'Wind and Unwind' a linear lament by Helen Ottoway and Melanie Pappenheim - a new work from Helen as a response to loss.

3.00pm Dorothy House Hospice - When someone is ill it’s not just the patient who is affected. Life can be turned upside down for the rest of the family. Dorothy House are here to help

4.00pm Ritual to close


The highlight of the Festival features an evening with the famous write Kevin Toolis. The Wonders of the Wake is a unique celebration of one of the oldest rites of humanity, the Irish Wake. Come hear writer Kevin Toolis sing of the rite of Wake in his ancestors' Dookinella homestead.
From the ancient Neolithic graves on Achill Island on the Atlantic seaboard, to the plains of Troy and Homer’s Iliad, to yesterday’s funeral, the Irish Wake still teaches us all how to live, love and die. The Wonders of the Wake in bardic poetry celebrates the craic, the joy, and the haunting lament of a traditional Irish Wake. Wonders of the Wake is based on acclaimed BAFTA winning writer Kevin Toolis’ bestselling book My Father's Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die.